meditation for chronic pain

You can listen to my guided meditation “Pain and Tension Release” on the FREE Insight Timer app. Follow me on Insight Timer by clicking here.

Insight Timer Meditation – This is the most popular Meditation app out there and it is FREE. It has thousands of guided meditations. The app also has a meditation bell option to just meditate silently. Whatever way you decide to meditate, the app provides stats and rewards for your meditation practice. I administer a group in this app call “Chronic Pain & Illness Meditation Group” so that people using meditation for their chronic pain can have a place to share resources and connect. If you want to join just search for the title I mentioned.

Learn how I made meditation part of my regular chronic pain management program by reading this blog post and this blog post.

I have personally used all of the following resources. I don’t endorse anything that I have not personally found a benefit from. 

Guided Meditations
Jon Kabat Zinn – Mindfulness Meditations for Pain Relief
Peter A. Levine – Freedom from Pain

Free Resources

Mindfulness Meditation downloads – UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Centre

You are Not Your Pain – Using Mindfulness to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Restore Well-Being
by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman

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