2018 Pain Awareness Week

National Pain Awareness Week takes place November 4-10, 2018. To help raise awareness, Full Blume Wellness is hosting an online Pain Awareness Photo Campaign and sharing an online Pain Photography Exhibit. The campaign and exhibit are intended to provide powerful visuals of how lives are impacted by chronic pain. I encourage you to join in and be part of the #painaware2018 campaign and please take the time to view the compelling photos in the photo exhibit.

We need YOU to help raise awareness! Share a photo (to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) showing an aspect of how your life is affected by pain and hashtag #2018painaware. Some of these photos will then be reshared on the Full Blume Wellness social media platforms and also showcased in a photo gallery on our website.


Please take the time to view the compelling photos that make up our BC Women Pain Photography Exhibit. These photos and words were initially shared by British Columbia women as part of the 2018 Chronic Pain & Illness Photo Project. I am now showcasing them in a public online exhibit to help raise awareness for how pain and illness impacts the lives of women in British Columbia.

To learn about what other National Pain Awareness events are happening, click here.

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