2015 NPAW

To bring awareness to Pain Awareness Week (November 1-7, 2015) I am promoting Pain BC’s ClothesPAIN Experiment and anyone who submits a ClothesPAIN selfie to Chronic Pain Life will be entered into a random draw for an item, of the winner’s choice, from my Spoonie Store (a couple of new items will be in the store this week!).

INSTRUCTIONS for the ClothesPAIN experiment:
Take a clothespin and pin it to your ear for 1 hour. Snap a selfie and share what #livingwithpain feels like. Challenge your family and friends to participate…let them get a little taste of what it is like to live with pain…how pain can consume one’s thoughts, drain one’s energy and affect one’s mood.

Although the clothespin is not representative of actual chronic pain, using a clothespin on the ear is a common tool used when training healthcare providers about chronic pain and has been proven to be a good way to raise people’s understanding of what it can be like to live with pain.

To enter the draw*:
1) Post your photo in the “Chronic Pain Life” Facebook group.
2) Post your photo to Instagram; tag and follow @chronicpainlife.
3) Tweet your photo; tag and follow @cpainlife.
4) Share this post.

You will get one entry for EACH method of submission. The draw will take place on November 8, 2015.

*By entering a photo in the draw you agree to allow Chronic Pain Life to use your photo on Chronic Pain Life’s website and social media.