Join the 21-Day Chronic Pain/Illness Photo Project

chronic pain photo projectI am hosting a 21-Day Chronic Pain/Illness Photo Project in a closed Facebook group starting Monday, April 27, 2015. Each day there will be a photo prompt related to chronic pain/illness. Participate as much or as little as you would like. No experience necessary. Just use your phone-camera, snap away and share in the group.

If you are interested in joining the project click on this link.

Follow Chronic Pain Life on Instagram – @chronicpainlife
Hashtag your chronic pain photos with #chronicpaininfocus.

6 thoughts on “Join the 21-Day Chronic Pain/Illness Photo Project

  1. I de-activated my Facebook through fear of what old friends thought of the ‘new’ me – you could say I’m hiding from their judgements, but please know, if I was on Facebook I would most definitely join the group… Much respect to your positive approach in all of this…

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    1. I so understand. I have held two Facebook accounts (one with a fake name so that I could share on FB) ever since I started dealing with my chronic pain as I wanted no one from my previous life to know what my reality was. On my blog I used a fake name as well. It is only recently that I changed all that. I decided to go back to using my authentic Facebook account and using my real name on the blog. Am I worried what people will think…yes. Do I care what they think…unfortunately yes. At the same time I have spent years hiding my reality, fearing judgment, fearing questions, fearing I don’t know what. I am so tired of it. What changed my mind was that I knew I wanted to move forward with some initiatives, like this photo project, and share it with organizations in my community and to do that I needed to share who I was and why I was doing it. I finally decided I had to take the risk. If I wasn’t doing this project and planning to do other projects, I would probably have maintained my anonymity. So I understand why you made the choice you did. Although Facebook doesn’t support it you could create a second FB account as I did so that you could participate in chronic pain Facebook groups etc. I knew I wanted to be part of the pain community on FB so that is why I used my 2nd identity account. Anyways this is all a long way of saying I understand.

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      1. It’s so good to hear you’ve decided to go back to using your authentic Facebook account, it’s very brave of you and I hope I can follow suit one day – sooner rather than later hopefully but I’m not ready just yet – I know that when I do I’ll most definitely be making my friends list shorter. I might have to set up a fake profile though as I had joined a Chronic Pain support group that was a good place for me to chat and vent to others in a similar situation to me – they probably think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth as I posted regularly and gave a lot of support to others… I wish I didn’t care what people thought of me – I never used to, and I don’t care what strangers think of me now either – it is solely the people that new the able bodied person I was – I really need to cross that barrier eventually though… Thanks a lot for your response, it’s very much appreciated and when I either set up a fake account or re-activate my current one I will make sure to find you, if that’s okay….


  2. Reblogged this on Finding Out Fibro and commented:
    ChronicPainLife is raising awareness for chronic pain warriors everywhere through a once a day photography challenge called Chronic Pain in Focus starting a month from today!
    What an awesome idea, I love this and will share it again closer to the date!
    If you’re interested in taking part, please head on over to her facebook group and request to join, then starting April 27th you can post your photos to the group and then blog, instagram, tumble, tweet, and facebook your responses to ChronicPainLife’s daily photo prompts with the hashtag #chronicpaininfocus to spread even more awareness.


      1. You’re more than welcome. Thanks for making such an awesome challenge and awareness opportunity!
        If I mis-worded anything about the challenge, let me know and I will fix it right away! 🙂


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