When Healing Our Body Is Not an Option, We Still Can Heal From the Inside

para las fridas

sun-rays-shining-through-treesI was once told that the sun shining through the trees had healing qualities. That the act of partially blocking out of the sun as its rays emit through the green helped with emotional release. I always thought this was a myth—a beautiful story I was told in adolescence to make me feel better. Still, the great Egyptian architects anchored their constructions towards the sun’s rays; human beings evolved as a result of it, and worshiped it as a conduit of healing including the sun god Apollo who was also the god of medicine. The emotional healing of chronic pain or illness is much like the blocking of the sun through the trees. In order to move forward in this world and in your life, we have to learn to live with an impasse, to let the light in, and move towards healing even if we would like nothing better…

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