Have your hobbies changed since you have chronic pain?

ChronicpainhobbiesLike most people with chronic pain or illness, I have had to say goodbye to many beloved hobbies. Gone are my world travelling days, my biking adventures, and, often, even my waterfront strolls. So I have had to search out hobbies I can physically manage.

My new hobbies have slowly evolved over the past few years. There are some I tried, like sewing, that ended up not being possible on a regular basis, while others like blogging which continues to be a fun and rewarding endeavour. Most recently, I took up knitting. Knitting had never appealed to me but now the prospect of a hobby that is physically possible was downright exciting! Did I seriously just use knitting and exciting in the same sentence??? Uh yes I did, and may I remind you I am under 40! That is how chronic pain changes your view of things. Now the opportunity to do ANYTHING new or creative (including knitting) is a wonderful discovery.

As human beings, no matter what our physical situation, it is important to stay inspired, productive, and experience enjoyment. So be open to new possibilities and new activities. Go on and try that Sudoku puzzle, pull out that sketchbook and pencil, ask your aunt to teach you to crochet or maybe even take up stargazing…you just never know you might enjoy it!

What new hobbies have you adopted since dealing with chronic pain? 

8 thoughts on “Have your hobbies changed since you have chronic pain?

  1. I’m really finding your blog helpful and encouraging. No one I know personally has chronic pain and it’s easy to feel alone. My hobbies have definitely changed since chronic pain really set in, in 2005. For me, no more running, world travel (I can’t even fathom sitting on a long airplane ride), road trips (at least way less of them). Now it’s art, drawing, iphoneography & knitting – which I really have come to enjoy as it’s so meditative and keeps me busy and my mind off my pain. Thanks for blogging about this topic!


    1. Hi Kari, I am glad you have found my blog helpful. It is so true that no one else can truly understand except those of us living with chronic pain. I can’t even sit in a car for longer than 15 minutes so I know what you mean and all air travel is out of the question for me so that is why I have to stay positive by focussing on what I can do…new hobbies. I was happy to read that you have found some great new hobbies too. I love iPhoneography as well! I have been learning so many new great photo apps and even though I can’t get out of the house very often to take photos, I enjoy practicing taking photos of random things in my house and of my cats! I look forward to interacting with you more! Let me know if there are any topics you would like me to write about! 🙂 Steph


  2. I know that feeling, and I’ve also up some new hobbies. Blogging, obviously, but I also try to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood when I am well enough, taking my camera with me and shooting anything that seems interesting and/or inspiring. I then go home and edit away. Whether I use my Lightroom I purchased, or free online editing programs, I find this both inspiring and relaxing. I can do this for hours, and still want more. This is just an idea, but it’s something I’m into. I have often thought about taking up knitting. I might take it a bit more serious after this.


    1. Photography was a big passion of mine before chronic pain and luckily I have managed to maintain it as a hobby just a little differently, ie. no travel photos. I too can get lost in the editing process and it is so fun! I have been meaning to try a trial of Lightroom as right now I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements and mostly apps on my iPhone. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I don’t have chronic pain but I know what it is like to have to give up things you love to do because of physical problems. It sucks. Nowadays I sew a lot, it’s something I already used to do as a child, although I only handsewed small things back then. Today I use a sewing machine and make much larger items. I also started blogging last year.


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