online Photo Project

“This [project] has changed my life, my marriage and my entire outlook on my illness. Your project saved me in a way I can never repay. It has sincerely been life changing and I’m forever grateful to you for it.” -Jenna

This is a therapeutic photography project for self-identifying WOMEN who live with chronic pain and/or chronic illness. Photography can be incredibly healing for those of us with chronic pain/illness. This course takes place online in a CLOSED Facebook group. I post photo prompts, related to pain/illness, with an explanation of how to approach each topic. You and the other participants will then take and post a photo along with a few sentences about your experience related to the topic. You are also encouraged to reflect on other participant’s photos and dialogue with others about your shared experience of living with pain/illness. The personal nature of the group quickly creates a supportive environment to share and many lasting friendships are often created. Participate as much or as little as you would like. No photography experience is necessary. You only need the camera on your phone or another camera that you can upload photos to Facebook with.

2024 Project coming next year – date tbd

NEXT SESSION:  Early 2024
Duration: 10 Days
Fee:  Free
Registration is limited to 90 women.


View photos from each of the previous photo projects:
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2022 Chronic Pain/Illness Photo Project
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2015 Chronic Pain/Illness Photo Project 


“Thank you so much for creating this challenge! Words can’t express how much I enjoyed it! You did an excellent job picking the topics and facilitating the group. The topics inspired me and taught me a lot about myself and others who live with chronic pain/illness. I connected with a wonderful group of people and I’m glad this group will be posted indefinitely. Lastly, I’m looking forward to participating in more of your groups.” -Jan

“This project that’s impacted me and helped me grow during a really tough time.” – Anonymous

“This project gave me a safe space and structure to un-hide parts of myself and commiserate and console my self and others.
And most important, it has given me more than I can express to see all of you fighting, trying, crying, laughing, loving, savoring, despairing, sharing and living fiercely. I am not alone in that and that feels so very good.” -Dedrie

“It is making me face things I have somewhat successfully buried.” -Kimmy

“I think this group is bringing out the sparkle in all of us. Lighting each other’s candles.” – Madeline

“That’s what’s so healing about this project, is sharing with people who trust your story because it resonates with their own.”

*To maintain confidentiality some names have been changed.

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